About Our College, our vision and our Mission

Shankarrao Bhelke Mahavidyalaya was established in the year 1990-91. Since last year the college has been renovated. The college is having its own spacious,  well furnished and well  equipped building (classrooms, laboratories, library, administrative block. etc.) The college has distinguished teachers  with reference to academic, sports NSS activity and other personal achievements. Our teachers are actively  engaged  in continuous research activities.
The college and management  have put in their sincere efforts to introduce traditional courses   of  UG  and  PG  level, - with  their specializations and new courses to maintain pace with time by introducing different courses in the field  of computers and information technology.

For benefit of students, we have started 2 PG courses, approved by theUniversity of Pune and sanctioned by the Government of Maharashtra.

After successful completion of UGC norms, the college has received 2(f) and 12 (b)   status  from   UGC,   New  Delhi  on 31.8.2007. Immediately after this, college has availed the financial assistance from UGC under- the various schemes.


Our Vision

"Bahujan Hitay, Bahujan Sukhay", i.e. "The  Welfare of  Everyone and Happiness for All" to inculcate qualities inthe students from the socially underprivileged and deprived rural segment for generating human resources for different section of the society such as Industries, R & D, leaders and commercial enterprises.

Our Mission

To provide infrastructure to nurture the talent amongst the students.
To   create trained  manpower in accordance with global perspective.
To  administer  academic programs rigorously, promote research & development and publicationing area of contemporary resource to achieve decision making and problem solving skills.
To orient, update & motivate students in their pursuit of knowledge and to breed confidence into the students.
To be an academic institution providing new impetus to socially underprivileged student for  perseverance in the competitive world.
To impart  versatility in  approach  that will meet the ever increasing n'eed of the students to acquire knowledge for strong communication skill, leadership, Entrepreneurship relevant to make good citizen.
To provide    intensive    curricular programs  through teaching, learning  & innovation that reflects the institute's mission  of open-door policy to give equal ooportunity to educate pupil