We do spare the rod and do not spoil the students

Rules and Regulations

  1. The students are advised to refer regularly to all notices displayed at various places on the notice board. Ignorance of the same shall not be entertained  as an excuse.
  2. A student must always possess his/her I Card which must be produced on the demand by the College Authorities.
  3. The students shall attend lectures, Practicals, Tutorials, Unit tests and Examinations and shall keep their guardians in touch with the progress in their studies.
  4. The students should note that they will not be permitted to appear  for  the  University examinations if they fail to satisfy the College Authorities on any of the following grounds :
    • At least 75% attendance at Lectures / Practicals.
    • At least 75% at NCC work as prescribed.
    • Attendance and performance at the college examinations / tutorials.
    • Good behaviour and observance of discipline in the college premises.
    • Obedience of the instructions of teachers / staff and the other college authorities
    • Payment of college fees as instructed.
  5. Students should note that smoking, tobacco chewing, spitting etc. is strictly prohibited in the college campus.
  6. Students must deactivate Mobile or Cell Phones in the classrooms or laboratories or during academic activities.
  7. Students must observe strict discipline in the college premises & campus and should not disturb the college & teaching & administration in any manner whatsoever.
  8. Students should take proper care of the college property, and help in keeping the premises clean,neat and tidy.Any damage, whatsoever done will be treated as a serious breach of discipline and the cost of the damage(s) will be recovered from students.
  9. No Society or Association shall be formed by the students in the College and no person should be invited to attend and address any meeting without prior permission of the PRINCIPAL.
  10. Students should be regular and punctual in attending their lectures, practicals, tutorials and  tests. Students should refrain from remaining absent, however if a student desires to remain absent for any genuine reason(s) prior permission of the Principal / H.O.D. should be taken.
  11. Students should not loitre about and sit bear in class rooms, laboratories,in varandahs, stair case, cycle stand and play ground, that may cause disturbance to the periods / classes which are going on. They should either go to the library or leave the college premises, in case there are no lectures or practicals.
  12. Annual Social Gathering and any similar programmes / functions which are likely to disrupt the academic atmosphere of the college campus shall not be permitted.
  13. Any one found indulging in any ragging within or outside the college shall be instantly expelled from the college.