Various scholarships like the Govt.of India National Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit at the S.S.C. examination. Scholarships & Freeships granted by the state govt.. like the B.C.,E.B.C. are available to deserving students of the college on fulfillment of the govt. conditions in this regards.
Freeships to wards of Primary, Secondary & Higher Secondary teachers, and scholarships & concessions to wards of freedom fighters are available on fulfillment of the conditions in this regards. These conditions will be notified on the college notice board.
A student belonging to economically backward class will be admitted to the college F.Y., S.Y., T.Y. classes on payments of caution money, laboratory deposit (in case of Science student), library deposit & other miscellaneous fees.
The tuition fee will be refunded to a F.Y. student after E.B.C. freeship is sanctioned by the Govt.& after the amount of fees is received by the college. The student then need not pay further tuition fees if his/her income or about any condition of the ward.
For this purpose the guardian of the concerned student will have to give a declaration, that the student belongs  to the economically backward class category. Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribes student will however be admitted only on the payment of caution money, laboratory deposits (In case of Science student) library deposits & other non refundable fees after producing the necessary certificate of caste.
The E.B.C. freeships like other fee concessions, scholarships etc. are  subject  to  ood conduct, regular attendance & satisfactory progress. Failure to sa ·sty    ese conditions will result in forfeiture of the E.B.C. freeship & student will have to pay the college fees entirely of him / her self.

Verification & Revaluation

A candidate may apply for Verification / Revaluation by paYing the necessary fees of the Urtiversity. The Verification & Revaluaion will be done by the University as per the ordinance framed in the behalf. This provision  is applicable  to the students appearing for Annual Examination.

Govt. Post S.S.C. Scholarships to B.C. Students

The  scheme   of  grant of  Government of  India Scholarship for the Backward Class student / Scheduled Caste / Nomadic Tribes / Vimukta jaties / Nav Buddhas & Scheduled Tribes outside specified a_rea for the post S.S.C. courses is implemented by the Director of Social Welfare, M.S.,Pune. All the backward  class students  undertaking approved post S.S.C. courses are considered  eligible for the Government of India scholarships subject to the Rules & Regulations of the Scheme.
Only those candidates who belong to S.C. & S.T. as specified  in relation  to the State/Union  TerriJory i.e. are permanently settled & those  who have  passed the matriculation or higher secondary or any other examination of a recognized University or Board of Secondary education will be held eligible.